Nothing excites young children more than pets; dogs, cats, fish, you name it. But personally I feel rabbits or bunnies are the most interesting animal for kids. This furry creature is so adorable, non-violent and noiseless. Hanging around rabbits could probably reduce stress and thus helpful for our health.

Taking a trip and traveling to Mount Kinabalu, North Borneo (Sabah) one must not let go the opportunity to visit Arnab Village (literary means Rabbit Village) about 5 kilometer from Ranau Town; but after passing Kundasang. The junction is known as the Kibaas-Mohimboyon Road; and along this road, we could reach the village which is 1.4 kilometers from the Kundasang-Ranau main road. Even during weekends and public holidays, we still can find ample parking spaces.

It cost RM3 (three Malaysian Ringgit) per person to enter this rabbit sanctuary. Once inside, we will feel overwhelmed by those hundreds of rabbits running around and some approaching people as the visitors enter this place.

Once we enter, we must dedicate ourselves to obeying these rules;

  1. DO give a lot of love to this animal
  2. DO feed with ONLY food pellets
  3. DO give rabbits a lot of water
  4. DON’T hurt rabbits
  5. DON’T give human snacks
  6. DON’T carry bunny by their ears
  7. DON’T carry too high.

Rabbits are small mammals belonging to the Leporidae family of the order of Logomorpha along with hare and pike. What we see today all over the world is actually European rabbit. In the wild, rabbits are prey animal. Since ancient Rome, rabbits had been domesticated and kept as livestock for their fur and meat. Selective breeding has generated a wide range of rabbit breeds. Eventually, many are also kept as pets.

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