A statuesque art deco of Jesus Christ towered over me. Puffing and panting, I tried very hard to catch my breath. The white paint of the statue reflected the sun glares into my eyes as I tried hard to lift my head to steal a peek at him. As I slowly raised my body, I watched at the long beach line over the horizon. Somebody must be drinking pina colada down there!

I could have sworn I am at Corcovado Mountain! I could have sworn the beach I saw is the Copacabana! And finally; I could have sworn the statue behind me is Christ the Redeemer! Hey! I am at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Wow! When did I travel this far?

Wait a minute: at Copacabana, the beachgoers witness sunrise. Here I am looking at the setting sun! This couldn’t be Corcovado Mountain I am standing at; it is too low to be called a mountain. I turned away from the sunset and looked at the statue of Christ. I walked slowly towards him. He is just three time taller than me! Christ the Redeemer is 30 meters high!

Sadly, I am not in Rio de Janeiro. But happily; I am at Sinundu Miracle Hill, Putatan. Putatan is about 4 miles from Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu) city center. This miracle hill is now a new attraction for tourists, hikers and joggers. It is also accessible to vehicles despite the road had not yet been sealed. From the city, visitors could reach this hill in less than one hour provided they are not stuck in the traffic jam.

Even though the statue of Jesus is not as big as Christ the Redeemer, it is still awesome to watch. But the most exciting moment is to see the sun set over the horizon. You could just watch this huge glowing yellow ball slowly sinking into the South China Sea.

One thing that is disappointing is the way the owner cleared the surrounding. A lot of vegetation including primary forest (some like giant bonsai) had been cut. Barren yellow clay dirt are now exposed; a receipt for soil erosion. Otherwise this hill would definitely be a haloed place. The only way to overcome the eyesore is to plant a lot of trees to compensate for the cleared ones.

But still; I will come back to this magnificent place. I love watching the visitors (most of them joggers and hikers) having fun with their selfies. To Christians, especially Catholics; this is a good place for contemplation. When we see the setting sun, many of us will glorify God. Whatever faith we have, from here, we can see how insignificant humans are compared to the Almighty and what He had created.


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